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Proactive Financials had been the ‘financial foundations’ we needed to support our growth strategy. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are … Read more
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"We specialise in providing accurate quality financial management systems and services that will help stabilise your business and ensure you are in the best possible shape to succeed in an ever increasing competitive market place."

Our range of products and services

  • Business Planning

    We offer a fully comprehensive business planning service in which we work with you to advise you on every aspect of your financial needs helping you plan ahead whether it be sales or cash flow projections, raising additional funding, Tax planning or exit route strategy.

    We help you look ahead and plan for the future to ensure your business can meet the ever increasing challenges within your market sector.

  • Management Accounting

    Management accounting can often be a very valuable tool to help you understand where you are in your business cycle and provide you with upto date financial management information that will assist you and your team in meeting the challenges ahead. Very often we focus entirely on the sales cycle and fail to realise what is happening in terms of true profit and associated cash flow and this is where we can really make a big impact by working closely with you and ensuring we unlock the true value in your business.

  • Business Turnaround

    Business turn around is an area of business that we are very familiar with and have a great deal of expertise in. Often Businesses through no fault of their own can face challenges that might be beyond their experience and unless corrected can lead to serious issues. By taking advice at the right time a lot of the issues can be averted and with good management and financial planning most businesses can turn the corner and end up in a far better place.Having another set of eyes and ears is always useful and as they say You Don’t Know what you Don’t Know.

  • Bookkeeping

    We understand how easy it is to fill your working day just generating revenue and looking after clients. Sometimes the more mundane financial aspects can slip and this is where we can help you by looking after all your bookkeeping needs whether it is running your sales ledger, purchase ledger , Bank reconciliation payroll or general credit control.

    We can tailor our support services to meet your business and financial needs allowing you free time to concentrate on moving your business forwards.

  • Credit Control

    Many businesses despite achieving excellent growth often neglect the importance of good cash flow and this can lead to over trading and serious cash flow issues that can potentially damage the success of your business.

  • Payroll

    Any business employing staff in the UK needs to run payroll and with RTI in place you have to comply with all the latest legislation. Running payroll needn’t be expensive or time consuming.

    We offer a full integrated payroll service for you running your payroll weekly or monthly at a fraction of the cost you might imagine and ensuring that you are fully compliant with the latest HMRC requirements.